rubinfuji ofm 811s


OWNER Feno® Ltd.

Fengapi (s) is a cross between Gala x Pink Rose.

Colour: intense red and brilliant colour, yellow-greenish ground colour, slightly striped on the side not facing the sun
Flavour: sweet, with low acidity, aromatic
Shape/size: medium, long shaped
Skin: smooth, no problems with russeting, sunburn or lenticel irritation
Flesh: crispy, juicy, firm

Vigour: medium, uniform, well-branched
Blossom: early bud burst, mid-early blossom, constant and rich
Pollinators: in testing

Uniform fruit quality, very attractive appearance, high productivity, not susceptible to alternate bearing, high firmness and good storability. Ripening time Golden Del. +2 days.

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